Webb Simpson cranks up the money list pressure on Luke Donald

Hey, here's a fun trick: go to your co-workers and ask 'em how much they make. Compare your salary to theirs. Then tell them that it's your plan to make more than them and shame them publicly. Fun, right?

That's not exactly how the PGA Tour money list race works -- for one thing, nobody who makes as much as these cats do feels anything close to shame in the others' presence -- but it's close, and now Webb Simpson finds himself in the most unexpected of places: putting on a stretch run to snag the PGA Tour's money list title for 2011.

Simpson had rolled into the Tour Championship with a chance to win the FedEx Cup and hammer down the deal in September, but fumbled away his chance there and finished 22nd. So here he is in the McGladrey Classic this weekend, ready once again to post a strong finish and put some heat on money list leader Luke Donald.

"There's no way I can go play this golf tournament without thinking about the money title," Simpson conceded after his opening round. "I'm thinking about it every day. But I'm not over [every] shot thinking this is the money title. It's more I'm just trying my best to get focused on winning the golf tournament as opposed to the Money List."

He started out well enough, posting a Thursday 63 that left him the clubhouse leader. Simpson is "only" about $69,000 behind Donald, and a top-15 finish will be enough to bridge the gap. It's a long way to Sunday, but if he does manage to win this one, or even get ahead of Donald, it's possible that Luke will be booking a trip to Orlando for next weekend's Children's Miracle Network Classic. (See here for more on their chess match.) Can't let your co-workers get the best of you, you know.