Weather woes throw wrench into Barclays weekend plans

It's getting ugly at The Barclays.

Weather woes have forced a postponement of play just three hours into the first round, and with more (and worse) weather on the way, the tournament's immediate future is in serious doubt.

"We're keeping an eye on the situation and looking at numerous options," said Slugger White, the Tour's vice president for rules and competition, in a statement. "But there won't be a decision made on changing or moving tee times until Friday, when we have a better idea of what the storm will do."

Normally, the tournament could shorten to 54 holes or combine two rounds into one day, say Saturday, but this is the FedEx Cup playoffs. One-fifth of the field will be at risk this weekend, and the PGA Tour would, ideally, like to give everyone the best chance possible of making the cut.

Of course, ideals don't necessarily come into play when you're talking about the torrential downpours that have hit, are hitting, and will hit the nearly waterlogged course. More than nine inches of rain, according to CBS Sports' Steve Elling, hit the course even before the players arrived, and the impending arrival of Hurricane Irene will only add to that.

Interestingly, Elling noted that the players themselves wouldn't mind if the tournament were shortened to 56 holes, whereas the Tour itself wants all 72, even if it meant staying until Tuesday. More coming, obviously, as rain continues to fall.

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