Watch a three-legged alligator cross the fairway at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans

Devil Ball Golf

There are plenty of hazards in the game of golf; water, bunker, and apparently, alligator.

That was the case on Thursday at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, when three of those nasty creatures were approaching some of the golfers on the course who were near the water, but nobody made waves like the three-legged gator that took on a rules official.

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Now I've played plenty of golf in my home state of Arizona and encountered my fair share of legless creatures, but if I saw an alligator I'd be done for the day.

I feel like the above video means it's a good time to share the following picture via the Twitter handle @JohnDiMascio515. Yes, that is a golf ball that came to rest on the top of a gator, and yes, there were plenty of "play it where it lies" jokes.

And of course, the below video is just me being the obligatory blogger that I am. Enjoy!

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