Watch one of the best, and most creative, golf shots you’ll ever see

To be a good golfer you need plenty of tools, but one of the things that really talented golfers are the best at is recovering from a bad golf shot. Tiger Woods has made a career out of getting out of trouble when he hits a bad drive or finds himself in a precarious situation, as has Phil Mickelson and some of the other big names in the game.

It's a skill just like putting and chipping, and it's what makes some of the professional golfers we watch week in and week out so amazing.

Introduce Matt Wheatcroft, a gentleman who was playing in the British Par-3 Championship a few months back. Wheatcroft found himself almost out of bounds on the short fourth hole, just inches away from a post that basically gave him no swing at all. The logical play here would be to take an unplayable lie, try to make your bogey and move to the next hole.

Wheatcroft had a different idea. He decided to go Roy McAvoy against the outhouse and bank it off the post, hoping to get a good bounce and get the ball somewhere on the green.

His result was Bill Haas out of the water at East Lake, ending up just inches away from the hole for a tap-in par and what a lot of us think is one of the greatest recovery shots we've ever seen.

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