Watch the lost newsreel of Al Geiberger being the first player to ever shoot 59 on the PGA Tour

There are few nicknames in golf cooler than Mr. 59. It's the score everyone wants to shoot, and only five have, and it's the idea of being the man behind the sub-60 round that kicked it all off is a pretty awesome feather in your cap.

Al Geiberger was playing in the 1977 Memphis Classic when the golf gods decided he would be the first man to go lower than 60. Nobody had ever really seen how he did it, but The Golf Channel's new In Play with Jimmy Roberts uncovered an old newsreel that showed how Geiberger did it down the stretch.

Sure, the reaction after his final birdie putt is great, but I was a fan of what he did on 16, as the ball was falling and he turned to the crowd almost to say, "I'm not really sure what's happening."

The clip is great, and while it is far from high definition, it is great to see a guy have to make a putt on the final hole to do something nobody else had ever done before to that point and sink it dead center.

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