Watch an amateur at the Humana Challenge make a very unconventional birdie

It isn't the draw for amateurs that it once was when it was the Bob Hope, but bigger names are starting to stroll in more and more to be a part of the Humana Challenge.

The Golf Channel made a big splash by putting Holly Sonders out with the pros this week at PGA West, but it was one of the amateurs you may not have heard of that hit one of the most memorable shots of the week at the Humana Challenge.

Chris Mohan was playing the par-3 17th when he badly pulled his tee shot left. The ball look destined for the water (or even left of the canal) but it got a lucky bounce off the rocks that was only the start of this ridiculously lucky shot.

The ball caromed off the rocks back towards the green but needed another lucky bounce off even more rocks to find the green. It did, and the best part about this whole video is that Mohan drained the birdie putt.

As they've said for plenty of years about this silly game, there are absolutely no pictures on the scorecard and this is about as good an example of that as you'll ever see.

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