Washington golfer makes hole-in-one and albatross in the same round

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If there is a debate on which shot you would rather pull off, a two on a par-5 or a one on a par-3, we now have a man that can tell you which feels better, and he did it in the same round.

Jim Dyer, a 39-year-old man who lives in Mukilteo, Wash., was playing the Highlander Golf Course this past Saturday when he pulled off a feat that you won't hear of happening again for a very, very long time.

Dyer, a self-admitted 18-20 handicap, nearly aced his ninth hole of the day, the par-3 18th, and made the turn without either of the two accomplishments. It was his back nine where things started to get wacky.

On the par-5 5th hole, Dyer pulled a 3-wood from 230 yards and watched as it was headed straight for the flag. The ball went in, the albatross was had, and his round of the year was complete.

Well, not quite. Two holes later, it was Dyer's 9-iron that only needed one swing, smashing into the flag and dropping for the hole-in-one, completing the double-eagle, bogey, hole-in-one run that most of us can't even fathom happening.

How rare is this feat? The Seattle Times sums it up quite nicely.

The website doubleagleclub.org lists nine golfers, including the late UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, who have accomplished the feat of making a double-eagle and a hole-in-one in the same round. Wooden did it in 1939 on an Indiana course. Chie Arimura, now on the LPGA Tour, isn’t on that website’s list but she had a double-eagle and an ace in the same round on the Japanese LPGA Tour in 2011.

Dyer went on to shoot a 13-over 83 despite those crazy shots, but who really cares what you post when those things happen?

This round comes on the heels of another crazy story about a golfer in South Carolina who made two aces in the same round, so maybe this is the time we all need to get out on the course and see if it's possible to reign in some golf shots.

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