Want to play golf with Tiger? Now's your chance

Golf fans and writers spend hours analyzing Tiger Woods' golf game. How would you feel if he started analyzing yours?

Early next year, you could get your chance. As part of the Dubai Desert Classic in February, one lucky amateur will win the chance to play a round with El Tigre during the event's pro-am.

While pro-ams offering everyday Joes and Janes a round with the pros are fairly routine, you've usually got to pony up some serious coin to play, and there's no guarantee that you'll end up with a marquee name. In fact, it's far more likely that you'll end up with (no-name golfer name deleted here to prevent embarrassment) than Tiger or any of the other names your family and friends will actually know.

Not this time. No, you'll get free entry into the tournament and you'll be part of Tiger's foursome. (No word on whether you've got to get yourself to Dubai.) Register at www.golfindubai.org and take your shot!

Ah, but there's one catch. You can't totally suck. Men have to own a handicap of better than 18 and women, better than 26. So, yeah ... step up your game. And no using Tiger's own swing troubles as an excuse.

All right, in the spirit of holiday fun, have at this one. You're walking down the fairway with Tiger. What are you going to ask him?