Want to be buried on a golf course? Here’s your chance

It's Friday afternoon, which means most of you have already skipped out for the day to hit the links. But for those of us that are counting down the minutes until the weekend, we here at Devil Ball figured we'd leave you with a bizarre story going into the weekend.

If you're like us, you probably love the game of golf. You most likely show your love for the sport by buying more golf clubs, balls, gloves, and instruction aids to outfit an entire golf team.

But there's one thing you don't have, friend, and that would be a burial plot on a golf course. Sounds kind of morbid, huh? Well get over it; we're all going to go at some point. So to get you excited about the afterlife, a funeral home in Bellevue, Washington is building a golf hole -- complete with green and sand bunker -- where golfers can be buried!

Sounds great, right? As Seattle Weekly notes in a recent article, the funeral home has gone to great lengths to make this hole as realistic as possible. Honestly, I can't wait until some visitor to the town notices the hole, pulls over and tries to play the darn thing.

Sunset Hills Memorial Park and Funeral Home designed a cemetery disguised as a one-hole golf course, complete with an 820-square foot green, a fairway, and a sand trap. At Memorial Golf Park, there's space for 1,281 golf fanatics, including space for those who want a traditional burial and those who want to be cremated and have their remains stored onsite.

To access the ossuary (where cremated remains are stored), one will have to use the actual golf hole.

I don't know about you, but I'm calling dibs on being buried in the bunker. I spend enough time in there as it is, it just makes sense that they bury me underneath one.

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