Walkoff hole-out: Eugene Wong wins Canadian Tour Championship in a most impressive way

Devil Ball Golf

Here's how you end a tournament: Sunday afternoon at the Canadian Tour Championship, Eugene Wong canned an eagle from the fairway to win by a single stroke.

The stage: Wong, a 21-year-old and the 2010 Jack Nicklaus Award winner as the NCAA's top player, trailed Joe Panzeri, 2011 International Rookie of the Year, by a stroke. He was sitting in the 18th fairway, 133 yards out, took out his nine-iron, and ... well, you can see above what happened next.

"There's a funny story to that shot," Wong said after the round. "My caddie and I were walking up the fairway, and he said 'it would be nice to hole it right now, wouldn't it? I said 'yeah, it would.'"

In golf, it's all about the stage. If someone had pulled this off at Augusta, we'd call it the greatest shot in golf history. For now, it'll just have to do as one of the best of the year.

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