Video: Tiger Woods’ incredible recovery shot on the 12th is a sight to behold

We've seen Tiger Woods execute some incredible recovery shots in his career, but the one he pulled off on Sunday at AT&T National has to rank high on the list. Following a wayward drive on the par-4 12th, Woods was left with one of the scariest recovery shots in golf, after his ball landed near the base of a tree.

With the tournament in the balance on the back-nine, Woods decided against pitching it back into the fairway, opting instead to go with a 9-iron from 182 yards. If there was one shot that had the potential to define Woods' tournament, it was this one.

After warning the gallery that the club might snap in half, Woods took a huge rip as his club just glanced off the tree at impact. And the ball? Well, it landed on the green about 30 feet from the hole. Well played, Mr. Woods. Expect to see this shot played on highlight reels for years to come.