Tiger Woods admits Saturday approach at the PGA Championship was wrong

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. -- If there's one thing you rarely see Tiger Woods do, it's admit when he's wrong. Sure, we've heard him talk around his swing issues and tell the media his swing is a "process" and he's "close to putting it together." Those words right there, friends, are what we like to call "Tigerisms," and Woods usually puts them in play when he doesn't want to show his hand.

Fair enough. When you have 14 major championships under your belt, you can pretty much give as much or as little as you want to the masses. But on Sunday at the PGA Championship, Tiger did something he normally doesn't do: he admitted he made a mistake.

Yep, one of the greatest golfers in the world fessed up and said his game plan on Saturday was the wrong one.

"I was right there, and I was telling Peter over there, that I came out with probably the wrong attitude yesterday," Woods said. "And I was too relaxed, and tried to enjoy it, and that's not how I play.  I play intense and full systems go.  That cost me."

Woods then expounded on his opening comment during the next question: "I was just trying to‑‑ I was trying to enjoy it, enjoy the process of it.  But that's not how I play.  I play full systems go, all‑out, intense, and that's how I won 14 of these things. You know, that's something I rectified today, and I played a lot better because of it."

Woods may have rectified the situation on Sunday, but it didn't show up in his game. For the fourth major in a row, he failed to record red figures on the weekend. Still, give him credit for being honest after his round.

Too often we see Woods hide behind his "Tigerisms." For at least a brief moment following his even-par 72, we saw a different Woods; one who was willing to admit his mistakes and move on.

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