Video: Sergio Garcia turns into team bartender at crazy Ryder Cup press conference

MEDINAH, Ill. — Before we begin, let's just get this out of the way: The European team's press conference on Sunday evening was a giant post-match kegger. Beer was flowing, Lee Westwood was making siren noises (yes, siren noises), and Sergio Garcia was ... well let's just say the Spaniard was playing the role of team bartender.

So yeah, the press conference was a little crazy. If you missed what had to be the biggest press conference trainwreck in golf history (it's up there in sports history as well), don't worry: You only need to watch this clip of Garcia passing drinks and spewing beer all over the floor to understand how big the Ryder Cup is to these guys.

All year we see players like Sergio Garcia answer questions at PGA Tour press conferences and head for the exit. But when it comes to the Ryder Cup -- especially for the winning team -- players let down their guard and enjoy the moment.

The European squad certainly enjoyed themselves on Sunday afternoon. When you stage one of the greatest comebacks in golf history, there's nothing wrong with letting loose and having a little fun.

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