Video: Rickie Fowler joins other Red Bull athletes for an insane video

There was a board game I absolutely loved to play when I was a kid called "Mouse Trap." If you don't know the game, the goal was to build this incredible Rube Goldberg-esque contraption before trapping your opponent's mouse in the trap.

I'm not sure if the folks at Red Bull played the game growing up, but this right here, friends, is a real life Rub Goldberg machine that happens to have some of the best athletes in the world playing the role of the kicking shoe or the metal ball.

Rickie Fowler plays a role in the video, holing out a chip shot. But honestly, the shot pales in comparison to some of the stunts guys like Danny MacAskill pull off.

Normally I'd jump ahead to the Fowler shot and tell you that's the best part, but seriously, do yourself a favor and watch the entire thing. You'll be glad you did.

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