Video: Rickie Fowler gears up for the PGA Championship with crazy diving stunt

Jonathan Wall

Here's a question for you: Pretend for a second you're a professional golfer in this week's PGA Championship field at Kiawah Island. You rent out a seaside house for the week and have a little downtime leading up to Thursday's first round.

How do you spend the time? Hanging with friends? Decent option. How about grabbing dinner or hitting the beach? That works, too. But if you're Rickie Fowler, all of those options seem a little, well, bland.

So how did Fowler spend his down time? Try jumping off the balcony of the beach house he rented out with Bubba Watson into the pool. Talk about a way to prepare for the first round of the final major of 2012.

Based on some video that was posted on Watson's Twitter account, Fowler did a solid impersonation of an Olympic diver. Give the kid credit, he sure knows how to have fun in the days leading up to one of the biggest tournaments of the season.