Video: Phil Mickelson pulls off one of the best recovery shots of the year

IRVING, Texas — If we've learned anything over the years from watching Phil Mickelson pull off impossible shot after impossible shot, it's that you should never doubt the guy. But for some reason, the CBS crew decided to do just that on the ninth hole during the second round of the HP Byron Nelson Championship, questioning Mickelson's decision to try and go for the green.

After hitting his drive into the left trees, Mickelson was left with a tricky proposition: He could go for the green by hitting a low punch shot under the trees, but with water on the left side of the hole, a mishit would spell certain doom.

The smart play would have been to just punch it back into play, but Mickelson was having none of it, pulling a hybrid from his bag and hitting a low cut around the tree and onto the green, drawing a laugh from the CBS booth.

After rolling in the birdie putt, Matt Gogel said it could be "one of the best birdies I've ever seen." Based on the level of difficulty Mickelson was dealing with, we'd have to agree.

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