Video: Jungle Bird crashes Jiyai Shin’s post-round interview at the Women’s British Open

If there's one thing we've learned this year, it's that no major championship is complete without an appearance from the "Jungle Bird." After crashing Webb Simpson's U.S. Open trophy presentation and showing his face at the British Open -- he also interrupted play at the Notre Dame-Navy -- the lunatic who enjoys getting face time on national TV resurfaced on Sunday at the Women's British Open.

Like a seasoned presentation-crashing pro, the Jungle Bird waited until the trophy was in Jiyai Shin's possession before he walked right in front of the camera to do his traditional ca-caw. Look at that textbook form! They'll be showing this on the "How to crash a trophy presentation" video for years to come.

All in all, pretty standard stuff from the Jungle Bird, who got his 2 seconds of fame before disappearing into the night. With two majors in his back pocket, it'll be interesting to see if he goes big next year and tries to crash the British Open trophy presentation or, and this would be a huge trophy-crashing coup, the Masters.

One major we know he won't try and crash in the future? the U.S. Open. There's no way he wants to tangle with USGA executive director Mike Davis a second time around.

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