Video: John Daly hits a drive teed up in David Feherty’s mouth

If you need a good reason to watch the finale of David Feherty's show on the Golf Channel, here you go. What we have here, folks, is Mr. Feherty and a one John Daly (his guest for the final episode) doing something you probably shouldn't try at home.

For some reason, Feherty had the crazy idea to put a golf tee in his mouth and let John Daly, one of the longest hitters in golf, crank out a drive. What could go wrong, right?

You have to love how Feherty agrees to the stunt, lays down and puts the tee in his mouth like it's no big deal. With the producers begging him to reconsider, Daly asks Feherty if he's ready and then bombs one off the tee.

Seriously, that has to be one of the craziest stunts I've ever seen. Feherty deserves credit for staying cool under pressure, but wow, you have to wonder what was going through his mind when Daly was on the downswing.

h/t Eye on Golf

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