Video: Golf + alcohol + trick shots = epic fail

It's tough these days to find a YouTube video that makes you actually laugh out loud. We've seen it all, it seems, and regular funny stuff is just that ... regular.

So I give you a couple of drunk guys playing golf somewhere on this Earth and God Bless 'em, because this is the most entertaining thing I've seen all week.

I'll lay the groundwork for you here; one drunk guy, the one in the video with pink pants on, has hit a golf shot as close to a water hazard as possible. Now, drunk guy, the one in the pink pants, has decided to play the recovery shot left-handed. The drunk guy, the on in the pant pants, is however not left-handed, upping the level of difficulty of this here golf shot.

Now I must warn you, there is some strong language if by strong language I mean f-bombs, but I trust that you're adult enough to enjoy this despite that. Trust me, it is worth it.

h/t Alex Myers