Video: Dustin Johnson pounds golf balls into McCovey cove

SAN FRANCISCO — Dustin Johnson threw out the first pitch at Wednesday's Giants-Astros game (that would also be the same one Matt Cain pitched a perfect game at), but before he took the mound in front of a packed house, he warmed up in front of about 50 people earlier in the day by hitting drives at AT&T Park into McCovey Cove.

TaylorMade put on an event to showcase Johnson's length off the tee and, needless to say, he didn't disappoint. Johnson pumped a number of drives over 330 yards from home plate, including a 335 yard bomb that ended up being his longest of the day.

Check it out if you enjoy watching one of the tour's longest hitters knock golf balls into the water without incurring a two-stroke penalty.

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