Video: Dave Pelz’s backyard is better than yours (and everyone’s)

If you don't know who Dave Pelz is, let me tell you. Pelz is a former NASA employee turned golf coach that has worked with names like Phil Mickelson, Payne Stewart, Vijay Singh and Lee Janzen.

He might be one of the most brilliant minds in the game of golf, and ... whatever, I'm done, just watch the video above. That is Dave Pelz's backyard, something that The Wall Street Journal labeled "the greatest backyard in the world."

Were they exaggerating? I really don't think so. HGTV's Million Dollar Rooms caught up with Pelz at his house in Dripping Springs, Texas and I'm telling you, if there was a place I'd pick for home arrest, the Playboy Mansion might be number one, but this house could be my number two (and remember when we thought Rory McIlroy's backyard was amazing?).

Pelz's backyard has eight greens that includes a replica of the 12th green at Augusta National, the 17th at TPC Sawgrass, the 14th at Pebble Beach and the 17th at St. Andrews.

Seriously, I'm not even jealous, just impressed. That backyard is a-ma-zing and if you can't sharpen your short game there, you might need to take two weeks off and quit the game.

h/t Shackelford