Video: Bubba Watson uses a pillow to launch a drive off the back porch

Nothing Bubba Watson does surprises us anymore. Dressing up in a pair of overalls and dancing with three other PGA Tour pros? Been there, done that. Bubba playing golf in a Santa suit? Yep, we've seen that one as well. Trick shots that land in a hot tub? Child's play. And who could forget the wedge from the pine straw that will likely go down as one of the best shots in Masters history.

Well, friends, you can add another crazy stunt to the list, after Watson posted video of him using a couch pillow to blast a 3-wood into oblivion from the back porch of a home in Lloyd Harbour, N.Y.

The best part of the video? Watson is renting the house for the week -- he's in town for The Barclays -- which means the pillow he used as a tee wasn't even his. Oops! You have to wonder what else he's using in the house for trick shots. At this point, we're pretty sure the homeowners don't want to know.

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