Video: Bubba Watson smashes assorted food items on The Tonight Show

Bubba Watson is no stranger to the Tonight Show. Back in July, the Masters champ went on the late night talk show and touched on a number of subjects -- from how he got the name "Bubba," to when he started playing golf, the adoption of his son, and the "Golf Boys."

You know, typical late night television questions. Well Leno decided to have Watson back on the show just three months later (he must really like having Bubba on the show) to chat for a bit. But this Tonight Show appearance came with a twist.

After showing video of Watson using his pink Ping driver to open up a watermelon, Leno decided to take things one step further and have Bubba smash some produce items on the set with the big stick.

What could go wrong, right? Thankfully the stunt went off without a hitch, as Watson blasted a bell pepper, pineapple, pumpkin pie ... and a cake with Leno's face on it into tiny pieces. Not bad, Bubba.

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