Video: Bubba Watson goofs around during Golf Channel segment

Oh, that crazy Bubba Watson, always having fun on the course. Early in the week at the Barclays, the Golf Channel's Alex Miceli was attempting to give an interesting report on how Charley Hoffman's caddie has to shag golf balls on the range because Hoffman still uses an old version of the ProV1 that Titleist no longer has in stock .

If you're a serious equipment junkie, it was probably the kind of story you would've been interested in. Unfortunately, you may have been too distracted to hear what Miceli was saying because a certain someone decided to hang in the back of the shot, checking his watch and pretending to talk on the phone.

We've seen Bubba do all kinds of hilarious stuff over the last few years, so is anybody really surprised to see him having some fun before a big tournament? Probably not. The best part of the clip has to be Miceli's reaction after he realized Watson was goofing around in the background.

I'm still not sure if Miceli thought it was funny, or if that was his best "McKayla is not impressed" impression.

(h/t CBS's Eye on Golf)

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