With ‘Utopia’ coming out, we give you our best golf movies ever

Starting Friday, "Seven Days of Utopia" will join the ranks of golf movies, starring Lucas Black, Robert Duvall and a host of famous PGA Tour players, including K.J. Choi, Rickie Fowler and Stewart Cink. The previews look good, but is there any chance it could become of the best golf movies of all-time? That's yet to be seen, but what we do know is our list of great golf movies needed tweaking, and here is what we think are the 10 best.

1.) Caddyshack -- There is literally no chance this movie can't be atop the list, as it is still quoted at least once a round by just about anyone out there playing golf. The cast is incredible, the jokes are still fresh and they even show it on the bus from the North Bend airport to Bandon Dunes just to get you in the proper golfing mood. Gunga Galunga.

2.) Follow the Sun -- Much like "The Swinger" takes after Tiger Woods, this 1951 film was based on Ben Hogan, and was beautifully done. It might be an oldie, but Follow the Sun is still a great film for golfers.

3.) Tin Cup -- Two years ago I wrote something about the problems with this Kevin Costner hit, but it's just because I love it so much. Tin Cup is everything great about golfers, showing just how nasty our demons can be, with Costner playing the head-case to a T. This is probably my most watched movie on this list.

4.) Dead Solid Perfect -- Still one of my favorite Randy Quaid performances, any movie based off something by Dan Jenkins is going to be great.

5.) Happy Gilmore -- This summer, I wrote about all the technical errors with this movie, but still, how can you not crack up at arguably Adam Sandler's greatest comedic performance? Between Chubbs, Shooter and the heckler, this is comedy gold, even if it doesn't really stack up as a true golf film.

6.) The Legend of Bagger Vance -- The only reason this movie isn't higher? Matt Damon's golf swing. Yikes. I get chills just thinking about how hacky that thing was. But still, it was entertaining, and the casting was great (Joel Gretsch and Bruce McGill killed it).

7.) A Gentleman's Game -- Maybe the least seen movie on the list (besides Follow the Sun), this '01 hit followed golfers throughout a summer and was actually very entertaining.

8.) The Greatest Game Ever Played -- Shia Lebouf ... Francis Ouimet ... what more can you ask for from a Disney film?

9.) Pat and Mike -- Another old school film that shows just how rude us golfers can be, the cast is incredible and the story is even better. It's funny that a movie made over 50 years ago can still resonate today.

10.) The Caddy -- A Jerry Lewis film, this movie includes Ben Hogan, Sam Snead and Byron Nelson, so call it the old school "Utopia." It's entertaining to say the least, and gives people a good idea about just how nerve-racking golf can be.

Now give us your favorites ... did our list meet your standards?

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