The USGA ‘while we’re young’ advertisements featuring Tiger and Arnie are solid

The USGA is doing everything in their power to force golfers to play the game a little faster. It seems that every year some new campaign is introduced to speed up the game, and we're just a few months away from the USGA basically just asking golfers to throw their balls down the fairway to hurry up.

Their latest campaign, "while we're young," simply asks golfers to pick it up a little. The ads for the movement include names like Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer Annika Sorenstam, Clint Eastwood, Paula Creamer, and Butch Harmon, and I've included my two favorite here (Tiger above, Palmer below).

Oh, and while we're here, I figured it was time to point out two types of golfers, both with the same handicaps, that play the game completely different:

The "good" bad golfer -- This is a guy that understands he is terrible at golf and accepts it. This is a guy that will take a drop if he hits it out out of bounds, pick up when his score is nearing the double digits on a hole and do everything in his power to keep the group moving. This guy is fun to play with, despite his lack of talent.

The "bad" bad golfer -- This is the guy that both sucks at golf and sucks to play with. He takes proper drops all around the course en route to a round of 118, and lines up all his putts despite the fact that he hasn't hit the sweet spot since the Reagan administration. This is also the guy that uses in-depth golf terms like "traj" and "stimp" and "smash factor" even though he has no idea what any of it means. This is the guy that causes you to "get sick" to avoid playing with him. Don't be this guy.

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