Two sisters record hole-in-one on same course, same day

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It's rare enough to find two sisters on the same college golf team, but sisters on the same college golf team pulling off one of the rarest feats in sports? That can't happen, right?

Don't tell University of Central Oklahoma golfers Erica and Lindsey Bensch that. On Tuesday, the two were playing a practice round at the KickingBird Golf Club in separate groups, and both recorded aces on different holes.

Erica (left), a junior, was on the 124-yard third hole using a gap wedge when her ball disappeared, only to have Lindsey, a freshman, follow suit a few holes later. Lindsey's ace came on the 142-yard 11th, when her 8-iron went away for the uno, the second of her career. From

"I was walking up to the 10th green and had just set my bag down when I heard all this whooping and hollering and so I knew Lindsey had done it,” Erica said. “I had finally got my first hole in one to tie her and she had to go one-up me again.

"It was a really cool day for us."

Well, you'd have to agree. The odds of making an ace (and these numbers are always debated) are something like 12,750-to-1, so figure out the odds of have two daughters, both being good enough to land a college scholarship in the game, attending the same college and playing on the same day, and boom, you have a number probably higher than 12,750.

All jokes aside, this is downright incredible, and one of those great stories that makes golf super cool.

Now, the bigger story -- which one bought the sodas after the round?

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