Two LPGA players involved in a disqualification turned fishy

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For all the thousands and thousands of rules that the game of golf possesses, the only one that you must always abide by is this; be honest, because the moment someone calls you a cheater, that smell will never go away.

This week at the CN Canadian Women's Open, two of the brightest stars in the game are atop the leaderboard, but it is two names that won't be making a check that are getting the most press. That is Shi Hyun Ahn (right) and Ilmi Chung (left), two players that were disqualified on Thursday for playing the wrong ball on the final hole, but signing the scorecard without any penalty.

People play the wrong golf ball all the time, so that isn't the problem. The uproar comes because some think that both players knew they had done wrong but decided between themselves that they weren't going to say anything.

Two reports have come up, with one being that the ladies knew what they had done, but had a discussion in Korean after the hole, telling one caddie, "You did not see anything."

That problem with that account is it is coming from a longtime caddie named Larry Smich, who has been accusing the Korean-born players of cheating for a long time, and has been called a racist numerous times for it. The other account, filed by Waggle Room, says that Chung's caddie approached the third member of the group's caddie and said, "We have a bit of a problem, but I'm not saying anything."

While what exactly happened is still a bit up in the air, the bottom line is that two players knew they had done something against the rules, and signed an incorrect scorecard anyway. If this is something that has actually happened in the past, and players from other countries are using their language barrier to speak about something without the rest of the group knowing, some rules might have to be put in place.

As of now, it seems that the LPGA has another problem on their hands, and this one could end up being very, very big.

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