Who to follow on Twitter during Masters week

It's Masters week, one of the few times all season that the entire sports world stops and focuses all their attention on the white, dimpled ball. You may not care a ton about golf the other 51 weeks out of the year, but this week the combination of importance plus tradition plus beauty makes you salivate over the Masters.

So you care about the Masters, but you aren't sure how to keep up with it? Here is a helpful list of golf personalities on Twitter to follow to keep the news flowing on your timeline and you in "the know" during Masters week.

The Yahoo!'s

Shane Bacon -- @shanebacon -- Hey, you gotta follow me, I put the list together! It's a mix of fun and news, all focused around the Masters, and I'll do my best not to fill your timeline with play-by-play unless Tiger Woods is 12-under standing in the middle of the 15th fairway.

Jay Busbee -- @jaybusbee -- The former editor of this here golf blog will be on the grounds at Augusta National and will bring blog posts, course updates and columns over the next seven days.

Dan Wetzel -- @danwetzel -- Our national columnist will also be at Augusta National this week and is worth a follow not only during the majors, but anytime a big sporting event is happening.

Devil Ball -- @yahoodevilball -- A constant rundown of links from the site, plus news from the course and stats during the week, this feed is a helpful way to stay abreast of everything going on at Augusta.

The Scribes

Ron Sirak -- @ronsirak -- The Executive Editor of Golf World is one of my favorite follows and one of my favorite golf media people (not to mention one of the best beards in the world). News, updates, knowledge and fun is basically mixed in to his tweets.

Scott Michaux -- @scottmichaux -- Columnist out of Augusta, Ga. since 2001, the man is already posting pictures from Augusta National and the week hasn't even started yet. If you want Masters knowledge, you visit Michaux's page.

Tim Rosaforte -- @timrosaforte -- If you like knowing the inside scoop in the golf world, follow Rosaforte, who is always a step ahead of the rest with news and info.

Doug Ferguson -- @dougferguson405 -- If you had to follow one golf person and that's it, it would be the Associated Press' man on the links, who works harder than anyone else and brings most of that news to Twitter. He's finishing marathons when most people are still stretching.

Geoff Shackleford -- @geoffshac -- A contributing writer for Golf World and Golf Digest, Shackleford hasn't missed a story on his blog since Tiger Woods was hitting golf shots on the Mike Douglas Show. Shackleford posts a lot of short-hit pieces from his blog on his Twitter feed that'll keep you on top of all the news.

Dan Jenkins -- @danjenkinsgd -- You're probably already following him so I'm just wasting words here, something Jenkins has never done on his Twitter feed.

Paul Mahoney -- @paulmahoneygolf -- He writes for more publications than sponsors on John Daly's shirts, but the guy is funny and good and brings a little English flavor to the Masters.

Ashley Mayo -- @ashleykmayo -- An associate editor over at Golf Digest, Mayo will be making her first visit this year to Augusta National and I'm sure the giddiness will be worth a follow along with all fun stuff she brings to her feed.

Bob Harig -- @bobharig -- The senior writer over at ESPN posts links, answers questions from readers and gives updates at a ridiculously consistent rate.

Alan Shipnuck -- @alanshipnuck -- The head honcho over at Sports Illustrated, Shipnuck tweets exactly what he thinks and it's entertaining up in that head of his.

Jason Sobel -- @jasonsobelGC -- Trust me, if you've thought it, he already wrote it on Twitter about 4 hours ago.

Rex Hoggard -- @rexhoggardGC -- A reporter for the Golf Channel, Hoggard will be bringing the goods from Augusta National all week.

Dave Shedloski -- @daveshdloski -- This Golf World contributor is worth a follow because of the fun stuff he writes and the news he will bring from Augusta National.

Steve DiMeglio -- @steve_dimeglio -- The golf beat writer for USA Today gets Twitter, updating you with news, stories and info from just about every stop on tour.

Brian Keogh -- @irishgolfdesk -- I have a rule that I'll follow any Irishman that is on the grounds at Augusta National because you never know what'll happen.

Wright Thompson -- @wrightthompson -- One of the best writers in the country brings Augusta to life one week a year, and if it isn't his writing he's tweeting it's his cooking.

On-Air Personalities

Gary Williams -- @garywilliamsGC -- The host of "Morning Drive" brings his personality to Twitter, and might just answer a question or two of yours if you ask it nicely.

Michael Collins -- @espncaddie -- One of the brightest personalities in all of golf, Collins has as much fun as you can on Twitter (and in real life).

Damon Hack -- @damonhackGC -- A member of the "Morning Drive" team, Hack is one of those guys that brings his life into his Twitter feed, and will help you understand Masters week better than most.

Matt Ginella -- @mattginellaGC -- If you're heading to Augusta National this week, might I suggest following Ginella, who has been posting travel info, including golf courses to play, all week heading into the first major championship.

Amanda Balionis -- @amanda_balionis -- The PGATour.com reporter mixes in her tour reporting with positive energy and always keep the feed fresh and full of fun golf news.

Alex Miceli -- @alexmiceli -- The Golfweek contributor and on-air personality will be live from Augusta and that's never a bad thing.

Bloggers, editors and others

Jeff Sherman -- @golfodds -- A Twitter feed for the gambler in us all, Sherman posts up to the minute odds on the golfers after each round, including props and other fun things.

Jonathan Wall -- @jonathanrwall -- Our old Yahoo! buddy will be posting equipment info all week on his Twitter feed, which is sure to be cool stuff considering what we've seen already from some of the club companies.

Jay Coffin -- @jaycoffinGC -- The editor of GolfChannel.com is active on Twitter, dropping links and sending out helpful information all golf year long.

Augusta Golf Girl -- @augustagolfgirl -- Sandie knows her town, and brings news, events, info and other stuff during Masters week.

Steve Elling -- @ellingyelling -- A former golf writer turned United Arab Emirates still knows more about this game than just about everyone on the grounds at Augusta National and will clue you in on that with his stats and news during Masters week.

Charlie Kautz -- @charlietour -- The TaylorMade man on the grounds at each PGA Tour event is worth a follow for his inside info and constant pictures from each event.

Chad Coleman -- @hashtagchad -- The Callaway man on the grounds is incredible at bringing you images from his team, and might be worth the follow just for his incredible Vine ability.

Kyle Porter -- @kyleporterCBS -- The lead golf blogger over at CBS will post stuff you won't find anywhere else, and do it consistently.

Mike O'Malley -- @GD_MikeO -- The executive editor over at Golf Digest is a good follow, especially since Jenkins has been rubbing off on him for a number of years, never a bad thing.

Stephanie Wei -- @stephaniewei -- Golf's version of Waldo, you never quite know where she'll pop up but it's usually somewhere a golf event is happening.

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