Tweet about Friday golf and you might just get fired

So we're all now aware of the dangers inherent in posting your every thought, whim or barely clad photograph of yourself, right? The list of people who have been disciplined, chastised or fired for their tweets has a new member, and this one involves Friday golf.

Our story begins in lovely Bethlehem, Pa., where Vanessa Williams, a social media specialist with the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp., was canned after an unfortunate tweet. Her apparently fire-worthy line: "We start summer hours today. That means most of the staff leave at noon, many to hit the links. Do you observe summer hours? What do you do?"

Five little words, one little dependent clause, that resulted in a pink slip. Her supervisor called the tweet "out of line." "I think this is an interesting lesson for all of us about the use of social media and about how chatty and how much information goes out there immediately and what the consequences are," said authority CEO Phil Mitman.

In a storyline worthy of "Parks and Recreation," Mitman clarified to a local newspaper that the agency permits workers to leave early on Fridays if they've already hit their 40 hours for the week. Williams' line apparently came off as a bit too casual, or something. It's local government, which, to put it in golf terms, sometimes has some unusual local rules governing play. Maybe there's more to this story, maybe there isn't. Either way, just be careful what you put on the Internet, OK?

Along those lines, you'll note that the timestamp on this post is after 5 p.m. Eastern on a Friday, and I'm still here working. See that, boss? See that? No golf for me!

Not till 5:15, anyway.

[Visor tip: Golf Digest]

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