Turning Stone now off the PGA Tour rotation

After four years, the Turning Stone Resort Championship is no longer on the PGA Tour. Hampered by both awkward dates -- this year it ran against the Bridgestone -- and by negative publicity from its CEO giving himself a sponsor's exemption (he later withdrew), Turning Stone never seemed to find its niche. Bill Lunde was its 2010 -- and, for now, final -- winner.

The event, held at the Atunyote Golf Club, was the only PGA Tour event on Native American land, and had hoped to capitalize on that. But it wasn't to be; the narrow window of suitable weather for the New York State club, as well as a crowded fall schedule, meant that dates simply weren't available.

And so it goes. Turning Stone is off the tour, at least for the moment. And for a eulogy, it's tough to top the screed unleashed by Jay Flemma over at A Walk In The Park. Check this scorched-earth rant:

Only four years into a six-year deal, the garbage scow that is Turning Stone Casino sails off into the ocean to sink in lonely eminence, with no one to mourn it but a few tearful restrateers who work for them. But they’re really great! Better than Augusta National or Kiawah Island or PGA West or Crooked Stick! Just ask them! Why, their course is all teddy bears and rainbows and Skittle-farting unicorns! $275 please! ...

We can also gulp in as many deep barrel-fulls of God’s freshest forest-fragrant, dew-dripped air because we’ll no longer have to be immersed in the rancid moral and physical stench of the most intolerable, infernal and insufferable old buzzard roost in all Golfdom. May no golf course so distasteful to the righteous ever slime its way on to the PGA Tour in such a simoniacal way ever again, but don’t count on that during Timid Finchem’s watch. He’ll jump on the money like Oprah on a baked ham.

Man, did Atunyote steal his girlfriend? That's some serious bile there. But fun readin', nonetheless. Clearly, Turning Stone has a ways to go to reclaim the good graces of some of golfdom. We'll see in the coming months if it's up to the challenge ... and hosting charity events alone won't cut it.