This trick shot video from Gareth Maybin will pretty much end all golf trick shot videos

A lot of people think that the wedge bouncing craze in golf came from the Nike video featuring Tiger Woods from 1999, but any respectable junior golfer will tell you this has been a time waster for decades.

You wait on a tee, you bounce the ball on your wedge, and you try just about anything you can to one-up the guy next to you. Enter Gareth Maybin, a 32-year-old professional golfer out of Northern Ireland currently ranked 443 in the world. Maybin took to YouTube to show off his golf trick skills, and trust me, if you've ever thought you were good with the ol' wedge I have bad news for you.

Gareth not only does some incredible wedge tricks, but hits some putts like he's on a pool table (which he starts out on in the video), and even went William Tell at the end of the video when he knocked a can off what looked like his poor agent or manager's head (to be fair, I think the lowliest job in this video way the guy that had to hold the tee in his teeth, but that's just me).

Anyway, the guy has incredible hand-eye coordination and it's a site to be seen in the above video.


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