Toru Taniguchi had a terrible, horrible, no good very bad day at Pinehurst

Toru Taniguchi struggled on Saturday at Pinehurst — Getty Images

Toru Taniguchi

Toru Taniguchi struggled on Saturday at Pinehurst — Getty Images

It's Moving Day at the U.S. Open, but one player took that saying and went the complete opposite direction.

Toru Taniguchi, the 46-year-old Japanese golfer with 19 Japan Golf Tour titles on his resume, made the cut at Pinehurst after opening with rounds of 72-73, but the USGA toughened up the golf course for the third round and it showed.

Taniguchi shot an 18-over 88 on Saturday, the worst score of the week at Pinehurst by five shots, and he did it with an array of bad holes. Taniguchi had a triple-bogey, four double-bogeys and seven bogeys on his card on Saturday and now sits at 23-over for the championship.

Of course, this isn't meant to poke fun at Taniguchi, who played great the first two days to make the cut, it's more to point out that Pinehurst is playing mighty difficult on Saturday with tougher pins and greens that are firming up as the day goes along.

The good news for Taniguchi is his 88 isn't even close to the worst third round score at the U.S. Open. That belongs to someone named O. McCammon, who shot a 110 in the third round all the way back in 1898. Interestingly enough, McCammon also holds the highest fourth round score ever at the U.S. Open with a final round 116 in 1899. I'm not sure he would have made it in today's PGA Tour.

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