It's too early to be talking FedEx Cup

Let me say this loud and clear: I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE FEDEX CUP.

There, I've said it. Now if only the PGA Tour's "partners" (the television networks) would stop updating me regularly on the standings this early in the season. After all, does anyone believe that Mark Wilson is going to win this thing? That's like getting all excited when the Pittsburgh Pirates go 4-2.

Look, I have no problem with the tour trying to promote the you-know-what out of the competition. It knows how underwhelming golf is once mid-August comes around, and will do anything to pump up interest. But, five years into this experiment, despite all the tweaking, it still means as much to me as it did when it first started – nothing.

Seriously, you might be able to name the winners so far, but can you name whom they beat? Greatness in golf, and this is part of the sport's beauty, is measured by how a player performs in the major championships. That's why Tiger Woods is great and Greg Norman wasn't. Do you think a teenager will, in the year 2050, put on his wall the holder of the most FedEx Cup titles, and make it his dream to pass him?

My dream is for the tour to abolish the FedEx Cup. That won't happen, of course, and far be it for me to deprive these guys of their hard-earned dough. I wish, at least, I could stop hearing so much about it.

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