Tony Romo won’t be trying out for the U.S. Open this year

Good news, Dallas Cowboys fans! Your quarterback won't be focused on golf this summer! That means more time for him to focus on ... well, whatever it is he needs to focus on to get the Cowboys to make a little more postseason noise.

Like many jocks, Tony Romo is an avid golfer. Unlike most, however, he believes he's good enough to take his golf to a higher level, and has tried on three occasions to qualify for the U.S. Open.

There won't be a fourth, at least not this year. While Romo had been listed in a local qualifying field at the Old American Golf Club in The Colony, Texas, he will not be participating in the May 14 event. He said that he didn't make the application to play in the event, which means either 1. he's changing his story, 2. he's got an overeager team of handlers, or 3. there's another Tony Romo out there.

Whichever, it's probably for the best. He reached sectional qualifying in Houston two years ago, but has never gotten any farther than that. And the Cowboys have already started up their supervised offseason program, so, you know, it's probably best for the field general to be around for all that.

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