Tony Romo opts for football over a shot at a PGA event

What is it with jocks and their love affairs with golf? In recent days, former Braves pitcher John Smoltz failed to qualify for the U.S. Open, and former 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice failed to maintain any shred of dignity in playing on the Nationwide Tour. Like the sirens of myth, something about golf lures these otherwise levelheaded men to bogey- and bunker-laden doom.

Credit Tony Romo, then, for having the sense to turn his back on golf. (After his near career-wrecking experience with Jessica Simpson, Romo apparently knows a thing or two about resisting temptation.) Romo -- the one who's not Justin Timberlake in that photo above -- was scheduled to play in a qualifier Monday for this week's Byron Nelson Championship, an event, conveniently enough, that will take place just a short little piece from Dallas' practice facility.

Problem is, Romo's tee time was scheduled for the same time as the Cowboys' first team activities of the 2010 season. (Yes, it's coming.) And Romo wisely opted to play QB rather than smack a little white ball around.

Unfortunately for Romo, only 85 players were in the field for the qualifier. Another six players would have necessitated afternoon tee times. And you can bet that the qualifier would have accommodated Romo. Ah, well. Now he can turn his full attention to breaking the hearts of Cowboy fans everywhere.

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