Tony Romo fails to get past local U.S. Open qualifying

The road to Congressional has begun for U.S. Open hopefuls, but a well-known Dallas Cowboy will not be getting past a stage he flew through a year ago.

Tony Romo, who shot a 2-under 69 last year to get through local qualifying before pulling out of his sectionals because weather was pushing it into football practice, couldn't recreate the magic on Monday at Stonebridge Ranch Country Club, posting a 9-over 81.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Romo wasn't able to get it going again, because qualifying for tournaments is one of the hardest things in golf, and the fact that it was windy at the course probably played into him struggling throughout the day, but I still love that Romo is out there trying to compete. Sure, the guy has priorities on the football field, but with how screwed up things are with the NFL right now, at least Romo is able to get out there with the boys and try to make some noise on the golf course.

Also, Romo actually has to fork up money for this thing, giving him just as much of a reason to be out there as anyone else that can post a sub-par round when he's golfing with his friends. Unlike John Smoltz and Jerry Rice, who took sponsors invites to play in Nationwide events, only to fall flat on their faces, Romo pays and plays just like all the rest of the guys out there, and this didn't just start when he became famous. I remember playing in a group behind Romo during a Byron Nelson qualifier a few years back when he was just a back-up for the Cowboys that hardly anyone out at the course had heard of, so add that to the list of Romo stories that show he's just a regular guy trying to have some fun.

My qualifier is in one week, and my one goal is to beat Romo's 81. I think I can do it. If I do that, my next goal: date an extremely famous country singer. That one might be tougher.

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