Tommy Gainey has the Tour’s best nickname and the lead

It's a good time to be Tommy Gainey. Not only does he have the PGA Tour's best nickname (Tommy Two-Gloves), he's now got a three-shot lead as the weekend begins at the Wyndham Championship.

The Wyndham historically isn't set up to U.S. Open conditions, and Gainey proved that by battering the course with a 63-65 to leave himself 12 under after just two days, three shots clear of the field. Still, after the round he tried to temper expectations:

"I haven't really accomplished anything in two days," said Gainey. "The only thing I've accomplished is I've set myself up in good shape going into the weekend. But, still, there's a lot can happen and one day as we all know, but two days, that's like an eternity in a golf tournament."

Gainey wears both gloves because he was a baseball player as a kid, and his father basically modified his baseball swing into a golf one. Shoot, he even putts with both gloves on.

Can he do it? Well, he's never won on Tour yet, and he's got Ernie Els, of all people, within three strokes of his lead. Still, he's got seven professional wins, including a Wikipedia-classic "one win in 2004 or 2005" on the "E-Golf Tour." And as Gainey noted, those mini-tours can be brutal proving grounds:

"They get you ready to play," he said Thursday. "All the other tours that I played, the Hooters, the Grey Goose Gateway Tour. Hooters Tour, you got to shoot 30-under to win. The E-Golf Tour, not so much 30-under, they play some pretty difficult golf courses in the State of North Carolina and you know you got your work ahead of you to try to win. Talent, it's just unbelievable. Any mini tour level you go, the talent is out there."

Still, if Two-Gloves does spit the bit and miss out this weekend, there's always a place for him with the family. Time to get the birdies, get the birdies.

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