Today in mindblowing video: a golf ball (maybe) hit at 140 mph

So you think you know everything about golf? Yeah? Here's something new for you — a slo-mo look at what a golf ball might look like when it hits a wall at 140 mph:

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I say "might" because there are a few inconsistencies here. First of all, this is what a golf ball looks like when hit with a driver. There's some deformation, sure, but not that Jello/pancake/Daly's belly look above. On the other hand, the average golfer swings a club at about 100 mph, and even His Majesty Tiger Woods has only gotten up to about 125 mph, so it's conceivable that higher speeds bash the ball to that extent. On the other other hand, wouldn't the ball just explode like an egg when it's hit that hard?

File this one under "Cool, Possibly Fake Video." You know, right next to the moon landing.

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