It's time for another 'will Phil Mickelson be No. 1?' post

At The Players Championship, all Phil Mickelson needed was a win and a bad week from Tiger Woods to jump the top golfer in the world for the No. 1 spot. Tiger came through on his side, but Mickelson couldn't pull out the victory.

This week, he's got another shot at something he's never been able to say to the golfing world — "I'm No. 1."

As Tiger has struggled on and off the golf course, Mickelson has calmly put together a solid 2010, including a Masters win that vaulted him up the rankings.

If somehow Phil could replicate his winning ways of 2000 and 2008 at Colonial, the event that kicks off on Thursday, he would be the No. 1 golfer in the world, ending Tiger's streak of 259 straight weeks at the top. Tiger isn't playing this week.

It's interesting to think that of all the accolades Mickelson has accumulated in his career — he's scooped up four majors and a ton of PGA Tour titles — he has never once won an award that congratulates an entire season of good play. Phil has never been No. 1 in the world, won the money list, player of the year, the Vardon Trophy or the FedEx Cup. It would be nice for Mickelson to scratch off at least one on that list.

While being No. 1 doesn't really matter that much in the scheme of things, it might be a huge boost for a guy like Phil before the next three majors this season. He has always been a guy that seems to play on momentum, and something as menial as telling others you're the top golfer in the world, and meaning it, could help the confidence of Lefty before a tournament he always seems to finish second at.

So, this week, a win means he's No. 1. Stay tuned.

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