Tiger Woods will try stack and tilt the same day I'm president

On Monday I was digging through my Google Reader as I tend to do when I ran across an article on Press Tent -- the always entertaining Golf.com blog -- about Tiger Woods and the possibility of a swing change.

That's news, of course, as it always is, but this one had something different about it. It mentioned three words that hardly ever get tossed around real golf circles anymore. Those three words that make professional golfer's backs turn crooked like a question mark; stack and tilt.

The idea behind the story was that Sean Foley, the man that Tiger has been unofficially working with the last few weeks, might push Woods to go stack and tilt, because he likes the ideas behind that golf swing. Let me tell you something and let me tell you it right now; Tiger will never, ever, EVER go with the stack and tilt. EVER. I promise you that.

Basically, the stack and tilt is a type of golf swing that keeps weight forward through the entire swing, adding a steeper shoulder turn than a normal golf swing (hence the "stacked" look). You've seen the commercials on The Golf Channel, with guys like Aaron Baddeley proclaiming that they're "stacked."

The problem is, Baddeley and Mike Weir, the two biggest names behind the swing when it first hit the tour, don't even use it anymore, and a lot of guys have complained of back problems with this technique.

Also, we are talking about Tiger Freakin' Woods here. This is a guy that used a steel-shafted driver well into the 2000s, when everyone else was going graphite, and still hits blades when there is technology for days on the market.

Oh, and Foley teaches guys like Sean O'Hair and Justin Rose, two players that couldn't be further from the stack and tilt format.

So, yes, until I'm elected president, you can rest your heads that Tiger's swing will never look like Eric Axley's.

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