Tiger Woods fans take support to another level at the British Open

Before you ask, no, this photo wasn't taken at some bizarre furry convention where everyone was required to dress up as their favorite animal. This was shot on Tuesday at the British Open, where there Tiger Woods fans decided to show their support by doing what every fan of the 14-time major winner would do: they dressed up in tiger suits and spent the day following their favorite golfer around the course.

Give these fans credit for their creativity. They could've put on a Nike hat and blended in with the rest of the gallery, but they instead decided to think outside the box and wear tiger suits. That's what you call a real fan, folks.

We have a couple more shots of the rabid Tiger fans after the jump.

I like to call this one "Tiger hunting for his prey." The only thing missing from this photo is a gazelle and a National Geographic logo in the right-hand corner.

One can only hope this is just the start of a crazy week at the British Open. Hopefully we see these folks again later in the week, because every major needs a group of fans in tiger suits, right?

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