Tiger Woods and Steve Williams act like it's all good, but is it?

We might remember 2010 as the year all of Tiger Woods' relationships hit the skids. The first one is obvious, with the pending divorce between himself and wife Elin Nordegren almost inevitable, and then there was the split between Tiger and swing coach Hank Haney. Now it seems to be happening between Tiger and a familiar face behind the superstar.

Tiger and Steve Williams, his caddie since 1999, have had some recent rifts, including some interesting comments Woods made after the final round of the U.S. Open, where Woods finished tied for fourth.

Tiger pointed out a few mistakes, including one where Williams told Tiger to aim right at the flag, something Woods said later he didn't feel comfortable doing. He went on to tell NBC's Mark Rolfing that he told Steve, "we made three mistakes today and the only thing it costs us is the U.S. Open."

Now, this isn't the first time Tiger's been critical to the media about Williams. Years back, Tiger took to the media microphone after he said Steve pushed him to hit a driver on the third hole at Augusta National in the final round of the Masters, only to find himself in the woods and without a much-needed birdie. But, with all the problems it seems Tiger is having, a split from someone so close to his actual golf game could be imminent.

Tiger quieted some of the rumors at his Tuesday press conference, but it still seems that these two could be done before year's end.

"There's no tension there, not at all. You guys are reading way too much into it. I was asked what happened out there, and I made three mental mistakes out there, three mistakes I don't normally make. Do Stevie and I make mistakes on the golf course? Of course we do. We're not perfect. We made mistakes at the wrong time. It happens. It is what it is. We're great competitors and we both want to win. I just made a couple mistakes, and hopefully that won't happen this week and we can win an event."

As we've been told for years, actions speak louder than words, and a quick reaction after a tough final round of a major championship seems way more honest than having time to sit back and think about exactly what you want to say.

Also, if Williams is finally let go, this photo will live in foreshadowing infamy for years.

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