Tiger Woods spits on green, golf world splits in prissy fits

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You know Tiger Woods hasn't been playing well of late. He had a chance at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic over the weekend before posting a godawful 75, and that was pretty much that. Now, though, word that Woods committed a far greater breach of golf etiquette during the tournament than just, you know, stinking: He spat on the 12th green! Steel your hearts for the horror ahead and take a look:

The audio's a little fuzzy there, but commentator Ewen Murray said that it was "Disgusting, what he has just done there ... there are some parts of him that are just arrogant and petulant. Somebody now has to come behind him and maybe putt over his spit. It does not get much lower than that."

I dunno, I think plenty of people would be just fine putting over Tiger's spit. (Also, "I Spit On Your Putt" would be a great golf/horror movie.) Sloppy? Sure. But this is going to be turned into another one of those "Tiger doesn't respect the game" rants by the anti-Tiger contingent, and that's unfortunate.

The European Tour, not particularly pleased at this breach of etiquette, announced Monday that it will be fining Woods an undisclosed sum. "Tournament director Mike Stewart has reviewed the incident and feels there has been a breach of the tour code of conduct and consequently Tiger Woods will be fined," the tour said in a statement.

Tiger soon after apologized via Twitter:

Still, let's be honest here. This is a guy who's seeing his entire world crash down around him; if spitting once in awhile is the worst thing he does, that's not the End Of Civility In The Modern Golf World, and Tiger is not The Root of All Evil, although that'll be the hack takeaway from this. Certainly, it's nowhere near as bad as Sergio Garcia actually spitting into the hole at Doral a few years back.

For his part, Woods has pledged to behave better on the course, showing a bit more respect for the game. This is a step back, yes, but really, a minor one. And he'll get so much grief for it that next time he'll just spit into his golf bag.

Anyway, fire away with your "cheetah" and "let he who is without sin" comments. Those never get old.

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