Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia meet again, shake hands at Merion practice range

Devil Ball Golf

So this is how a golf feud, which by its very definition is the lamest kind of feud in sports, ends: with a gentlemanly handshake on the practice green.

Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods, embroiled in a bit of a spat for several weeks now, may have made peace. After The Mystery Of The Drawn Club and "the first thing he's told you guy's that's true in 15 years" and fried chicken, this little tiff may finally draw to a close. Garcia approached Woods on the practice green on Monday at Merion and extended his hand; Woods, as you can see above, shook it.

Yeah, "Game of Thrones"-level political backstabbing intrigue, this ain't.

The war of words between two of the world's most famous golfers hit its apex at the BMW Championship a few weeks ago when Garcia made his infamous "fried chicken" remark, and everybody backed off the throttle. At the time, Garcia tried to reach out to Woods, but was rebuffed.

"We talked to his manager and asked him if he wanted us to call Tiger, or wait for Merion and do it there face to face," Garcia said at the time. "And they said they would rather do it there. There's nothing we can do, so we'll wait until we get there and we'll talk."

The practice-range exchange was brief, and when asked about it afterward, Woods simply said, "I'm not going there." Both Woods and Garcia are scheduled to speak on Tuesday, and you can bet that this feud will be a key topic.

Just once, we'd like to see a golf feud erupt into a full-scale golf-club sword fight. Just once. Not going to happen this time, but maybe soon.

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