Tiger Woods seen practicing at Augusta National

A year ago, Tiger Woods was heading to Augusta National as the obvious favorite, coming off a hat-slamming win at Bay Hill and looking to be back in the form we were used to seeing.

This season it will be different, but if anyone has any doubt on how serious Tiger will be when the golf actually starts, well, stop acting crazy. Woods was seen practicing at Augusta National on Monday, a full two weeks before Masters weeks begin, and far from his home course where the Tavistock Cup is going on.

Just a day after being interviewed for the first time by The Golf Channel and ESPN, Woods left Florida and was seen on the famed Augusta National grounds, getting himself prepared for the time he will spend inside the ropes this season.

Still, nobody is sure what to expect from Tiger when he tees it up. Could he win? Sure, he's Tiger Woods, he can do anything given a golf club and a Nike ball. Should people expect him to win? Probably not. Just like 2009, Tiger will be coming back from much time apart and like last season, he couldn't pull out a victory in his first event.

The difference in previous years and 2010 is that Tiger will have much more time to prepare for just Augusta National. He will be able to head up there whenever he wants, while others are messing around with the Tavistock Cup, Bay Hill and the Shell Houston Open.

If he is looking for an advantage over the rest of the field, like he always does, he might have found it. Get comfortable enough on Augusta that when the round starts, the only thing you have to worry about is the occasional heckler.