Tiger Woods says no timetable on return to the golf course

Over the last few months, it seemed that Tiger Woods hadn't made the best health decisions concerning his knee and his Achilles. On Tuesday during a press conference at his own tournament, the AT&T National, Tiger changed all that. Woods said point blank that he will not return to the golf course until he is 100 percent healthy, giving no traction to speculation that Woods would announce he'd be back for the British Open or even the Scottish Open, as some predicted before he took to the podium.

In terms of some of the decisions Woods has made, this one seems very well prepared and as smart as anything he's done the last 15 months, especially after he admitted on Tuesday that he probably returned too soon when he showed up at The Players Championship.

Say what you want about the state of the game, but golf needs Tiger way more than Tiger needs golf right now. The ratings at the U.S. Open showed that no matter what other argument you can make, when Tiger is in the field, and in the hunt, people tune in more than when he's on his couch watching Dora the Explorer (a show he admitted on Tuesday is driving him mad). His presence is definitely becoming less of a "must" for events, but it is still there, and he knows that when he comes back to golf, he wants to be there for years to come, not just months.

Maybe Tiger will never be 100 percent healthy, and maybe this knee problem will linger on until he decides to hang up the blades, but for now, getting as healthy as he can get is miles more important than showing your passport and flying across the Atlantic in hopes you're ready for competitive golf again.

Tiger will eventually be back, but for now, he's just going to take it day by day and hope that eventually everything feels like it should, and he can get back to what he does best: trying to win tournaments.

I'm sure he'd speak for any athlete that has ever been sidelined with an injury when he says the competition is way more fun than the rehabilitation.

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