Here’s what Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy will be wearing at Royal Lytham

Time was when we never knew exactly what our favorite players would be wearing in majors until they showed up on the course. Those days are gone, friends! Now we've got a free preview of what the big dogs will be wearing every day at Royal Lytham. And if you find someone dumb enough to bet on apparel, make sure they haven't seen this post and you can win a few bucks.

Up top, via Nike, that's Tiger's daily getup, as you can tell by the Sunday red-and-black. Fairly straightforward after Thursday, as you can see. So let's take a look at Rory McIlroy's outfits:

Yeah ... a little more lively there. What's up with that Friday getup, huh? A bit mismatched. Well, hopefully for Oakley McIlroy will get plenty of airplay for his Saturday and Sunday combinations.