Tiger Woods is returning! Again! In 2011!

Yes, this isn't the first time we've written about Tiger Woods returning to the golf world this season, but it is rather exciting, isn't it? Tiger, in an event that doesn't have "Invitational" at the end of the title and doesn't force you to be a former major winner to show up, trying to recreate that magic that made him famous.

It's going to be exciting, no? The Frys.com Open is normally an event reserved for guys trying to make enough cash to get another year of the Perfect Life, while others are just enjoying stress-free golf. Tiger? His goal is to prove he's ready for the Presidents Cup, and get some much-needed reps under his belt.

But, enough from us, let's hear from you; how will Tiger finish this week in the Fall Series event? Cut? Top-50? Top-25? A win?! Let us know, and thank Tiger for making a rather unknown golf tournament one of the marquee sporting events of this very busy weekend.

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