Tiger Woods plans on winning the next 15 majors straight

Say this for Tiger Woods: he doesn't mind going out on a limb in his own defense.

At a mostly unremarkable press conference on Wednesday, Woods held forth on the usual array of topics, from his health to his take on the state of the course to CaddieGate. And your humble Devil Ball editor decided to get in on the action, asking a variant of the question that I get asked most often myself: namely, does Woods think he can still pass Jack Nicklaus for majors? And here's how it went down (click here and go to the 22:40 point for the actual video):

Me: You're at an age where majors are historically harder to come by. Do you have benchmarks where you'd like to be at age 38, age 40, in order to catch Jack?

Him: Yeah ... ahead.

After laughing a bit (do I need to tell you he was joking, and we all knew it? I probably do), Woods went on: "You know, 38, so that's three years, 15. If I win all 15, I'll be looking all right. I would be in good shape, wouldn't I, 29."

Yes. Yes, he would. He'd also be looking good if he won the next 13, which is the actual number of majors between now and his 39th birthday. Unless he actually considers The Players a major ... ?

Either way, let's open it up to you. Woods thinks he'll win all of the majors between now and 2015. I think he'll get one, maybe two. And you?

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